I am 30 years old and happily married almost 8 years.  We have two cats - Josie and Charlie.  We also just had a precious baby boy on September 1! 


Besides playing and making board games, I enjoy reading Disney comic books, making rudimentary computer games, playing basketball, running, playing the piano, and spending time with friends and family.  I love God and am working at being more willing to give him my life. 


I am very excited about this game.  It has been my greatest avocational passion for some time now.  I really appreciate all of your help and support.


Thank you,

Phil, Smugglers Board Game Creator

"Smugglers" is the result of almost ten years of on-again off-again effort.  I first came up with the idea as the class project for my business ethics class in college in the fall of 1998.  At that time, I called the game "Legal or Not".  It was a fairly simple game, with no weigh stations, upgrades, or action cards, but still fun to play.  Here's a quick summary of the progression of the game since then:

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